Lucinda Price (aka Froomes) is a writer, comedian and 2D internet personality.

Lucinda Price (aka Froomes) is a writer, broadcaster and comedian.

She’s also the CEO of FROOMESWORLD, an international one-woman business specialising in scripting, producing, presenting and editing original content. She has amassed a cult following online and earned an AACTA nomination for Best Digital Creator of 2022.

As a seasoned MC and entertainer, she’s appeared at some of Australia’s largest live events and stages, from Beyond The Valley to the Opera House, Ability Fest and Fed Live. Her sold-out debut show at the 2023 Melbourne International Comedy Festival was rated five stars by The Age.

Formerly the co-host of radio show and award-winning podcast Flex and Froomes, she has an innate understanding (and love) of broadcast. She has also hosted multiple limited series podcasts including Where Are All The Baby Pigeons for Nova.

Lucinda’s TV credits include ABC’s At Home Alone Together, in a sketch she wrote and edited, Amazon original The Moth Effect, Australia Now and Then, a host on MTV Australia, a presenter on ABC’s Art Works and the red carpet host of the 2022 ARIA Awards. She has also written for the 2021 ARIA Awards and ABC’s Question Everything.

Her writing work has appeared in The Guardian, The Sydney Morning Herald, ABC and Pedestrian, alongside her weekly newsletter with over 12,000 subscribers. Her debut book is set for release in September 2024 via Pantera Press.

Well-versed in the intersection of advertising and social media, she’s created and fronted original partnerships for global brands like Nike, Airbnb and Red Bull, alongside ongoing ambassadorial roles for some of Australia’s largest and most beloved brands.

With a passion for taking the piss across multi-platform media, Froomes is a one-of-a-kind creative powerhouse.

If you want to work with her (me 😝), contact:

Photo by Pat Stevenson, styling by Kiko Vintage.