Lucinda Price

Photo by Cybele Malinowski.

Lucinda (Froomes) Price is an Australian writer, producer and comedic actor.

Her first foray into the world of media and publishing was in 2004, when an 8-year-old Lucinda licked shut the envelope of her self-published newsletter, Crappy Turd Club.

Crappy Turd Club, or CTC as it was known to its four devoted readers, was a bimonthly wrap of what had been happening in the deeply exciting Melbourne suburb of Mount Waverley. It featured WordArt, scat-based limericks and a gossip section revealing the most sordid secrets of her older sister, Olivia.

This knack for creating entertaining content out of thin air has since become a lifelong theme for Lucinda, who is happiest when making things that make people laugh.

She has enjoyed gainful employment as ‘The Face’ of Australia’s #1 youth publishing brand, PEDESTRIAN.TV, since 2016.

In this role, she writes stories, interviews interesting people, hosts events and produces audiovisual content in the form of videos, podcasts, memes and livestreams. 

Lucinda brings her trademark artistic flair and enthusiasm to all projects, whether they involve eating live octopus in Seoul or hanging from a sex swing in front of a hundred horny fifty-year-olds at Sexpo.

With a Bachelor of Advertising with Distinction from RMIT under her belt, Lucinda can be relied upon to get the job done. Mainly because of the HECS, but still.

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